One wellness hour

One wellness hour tones you up,
gives you strength and vigour,
brings in joy and new humour.

Well relaxed let time go by
may your dreams be free to fly
and new ideas come to your mind!

Live this hour, leave the world outside,
find your rest by a warm candle light
adding a massage as a form of delight

Then treat yourself to a wonderful and relaxing sauna.

Change your clothes, get your bath towel and other accessories from our staff and go downstairs to our small wellness oasis.

Immediately followed by a cool shower. Nothing feels as beneficial as drops of cold water pouring down your sweated skin after a sauna to reach a state of perfect relaxation.

Wrapped in your dry bath towel you now want to lay down awhile and take a break.

Do you feel like spending the whole day lingering in pleasure, bathing, sweating and letting us take care of you? Nothing prevents you from achieving this goal. The nearby Cron4 wellness centre in Reischach offers first-quality treatments for your body and soul. As a guest of our hotel you may always access the Cron4 swimming pool for free and get a 50% discount on the daily admission ticket to the Cron3 wellness area.