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If you are looking for unique charm, friendly
hospitality and group excursions to enjoy
the company of likeminded others,
it won’t take long before we meet.

Learn about yourself and nature

Backpack over your shoulders and off you go.
An exciting hike up and down and around the mountains of South Tyrol
can be awe- inspiring. Enjoy the majestic landscape and find your inner self.

...or hop on your bike

You may either just want to keep fit, to work out
or to learn something new about yourself and your abilities.

We have a variety of options to suit your style
and fit your requirements.

Riding an e-bike along slopes and valleys

is a memorable experience for everyone.


Holidays amongst friends!

Since we truly care for our clients we often start business relations that turn into friendship afterwards. Our standards of hospitality make of your holiday an extraordinary experience you won’t easily forget.

Active & vital in the summer

Leading a balanced life is of crucial importance. Let nature and your inner self fit in, be dynamic and engage in countless bike and hiking trips. You’re welcome to join us any time!

Being on holiday means simply enjoyment

Culinary satisfaction is one of the prerequisites we expect a successful holiday to have. All of your meals are cooked by the house, served fresh and immediately. They obviously need to be accompanied by some drinks – make your choice between a list of regular wines or more sophisticated bottles.

Please enter! Have a look at our premises.

Our house has undergone major restyling in order for it to become what it is presently: a charming, intimate lodge for our darling guests.
We did all renovation work ourselves: it was us who laid in each and every stone, made the whole cable network and laid the parquet flooring.

You can now see what our former grandparents‘ house has transformed into after two main renovations.
In spite of the evident changes, though, something has remained untouched: our traditional commitment to detail and hospitality, values that seem to be appreciated by most people.

Believe us: staying here will never get boring.

Our land is multifaceted. Both visitors interested in our cultural heritage and sports fans can count on an extensive offer of attractions. Whether it is summer or winter, both kinds of holiday makers will equally get their money’s worth. Combining both should be just great!

  • Gentle hikes across our fields and meadows
  • Bicycle touring on a comfortable e-bike or on an ordinary mountain bike
  • The museum of popular art featuring our local traditions, customs and habits
  • Messner mountain museum to get acquainted with mountain populations
  • Ötzi museum to get you in close contact with the glacier mummy
  • Cron4, a rewarded wellness centre for the total relaxation of body and mind
  • Candlelit dinners sipping a glass of wine

A quick glance, our offer.

Are you planning a romantic weekend with your partner, a relaxing wellness trip with your best friend or are you looking for the perfect gift to surprise someone with?

There’s plenty of reasons to visit our charming Hotel Akelei ***, a place where traditional hospitality standards have always mattered.

Discover the magic of the multiple charms this unique land has to offer.
Pay a relaxing visit to the historical and cultural treasures our territory is rich in, a recommendable experience indeed, or just wander through our lovely and multifaceted countryside.
Regardless whether you are alone or with another – sooner or later you’ll have to make a stop either at our hotel sauna centre or at Cron4, the wellness temple nearby.

A lovely and colourful dinner prepared by Frieda with lots of Mediterranean or Tyrolese delicacies is the solution to round off every vacation day.

  • Charming + personal management

    It would be unfair to say you get 5-star service here at our hotel. Our staff numbers are too small to achieve that goal. That’s why we do our best to look after the well-being of your mind and body. We won’t leave anything unfulfilled.

  • Pleasant company

    No matter whether you are taking part in a trip or in a group visit to our wine cellar, just tune in and you’ll certainly have a very good time.

  • Peace + relaxation

    How beautiful! Take your time, charge your batteries and enjoy moments of blissful peace. This is what you had been looking for, the perfect blend of isolation, amusement and joy.

  • Time for yourself

    Should it be a retreat or a sociable occasion? It’s up to you to decide how you intend to spend your valuable time.

  • Beautiful weather

    We wish we were able to work that magic too. Nevertheless, our house knows no bad weather and nobody should ever be in a bad mood either. So, do your best, seize the moment and make the most of your stay.


A world of relaxation and sensory gratification.

Home-made, fresh + daily prepared dishes.

We serve fresh food on a daily basis. Frieda comes up with two new delicious menus a day. You just need to tick the box next to your choice.

“Take pot luck”

This a famous quote from our childhood memories. But there you see how time changes. You are now spoilt for choice as to what should be brought to your table every day. And if our menus once fail to please you, it’ll take a moment to sort the problem out.

Just start pedalling! …and let us support you!

Natur + living

What do our guests think of us? Have a look and read!

Share your holiday experience with us writing a review in the official portals.
We are always open to constructive criticism and we are very keen on receiving some positive feedback.

Sehr nettes, familiär geführtes 3-Sterne-Hotel. Die Gastgeber kümmern sich sehr aufmerksam um die Anliegen ihrer Gäste. […]

Everything you need during ski trip — transport to ski lift (5 min), very tasty cuisine, friendly staff. There is nice, small bar inside. […]

Trovato un giorno prima sul sito alloggi convenzionati cron4 senza leggere nessuna recensione. […]

Fantastica Vacanza – toller Urlaub! Erneut ein toller unvergessener Urlaub in der Akelei. Willi und Frieda als prima Gastgeber, Verpflegung ist gute südtiroler Küche, dazu der Tip, sich von Willi abends einen Wein empfehlen zu lassen. […]

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Have a taste of what it is going to feel like.

Just consider this:

You have left your daily routine behind you, grey is giving way to colourful and cheerful natural scenery. Your senses are now able to receive things than finally differ from mere figures, reports or instructions by your manager. Pleasure is finding its way into your existence, life is for living.

You are going to feel the way these right-hand bars illustrate. Nothing will get in your way, the only stress you’ll experience will be the difficult choice between equally delicious menus.

Regenerated and relaxed
Born to a new life

A holiday with us won’t work miracles but it’ll prove endlessly relaxing!